Spring Is Coming.

—James Nack.

SPRING is coming! spring is coming!
Birds are chirping, insects humming;
Flowers are peeping from their sleeping,
Streams escaped from winter’s keeping,
In delighted freedom rushing,
Dance along in music gushing.
Scenes of late in deadness saddened,
Smile in animation gladdened;
All is beauty, all is mirth,
All is glory upon earth;
Shout we then with Nature’s voice,—
Welcome Spring! rejoice! rejoice!

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A Spring Song.

—William Cox Bennett.

LONG has been the winter,

Long—long—in vain

We’ve sought the bud upon the bough,

The primrose in the lane.

Long have skies been dull and gray,

Nipping’s been the blast;

But, sing! Summer’s coming!

The bee’s out at last.

Sing! Winter’s flying;

Summer’s coming fast;

Humming hope and Spring-time,

The bee’s out at last.


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