Hymn of Nature.

—William B. O. Peabody.

GOD of the earth’s extended plains!
The dark green fields contented lie:
The mountains rise like holy towers,
Where man might commune with the sky:
The tall cliff challenges the storm
That lowers upon the vale below,
Where shaded fountains send their streams,
With joyous music in their flow.

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—William H. Burleigh.

FOR the dear love that kept us through the night,
And gave our senses to sleep’s gentle sway,—
For the new miracle of dawning light
Flushing the east with prophecies of day.
We thank thee, O our God!

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—Marianne Farningham.

I THANK thee, Father, for the summer-time,
The golden days of glory and delight,—
The days when the glad year is in its prime,
Warmed by Thy love, and by Thy smile made bright.

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God’s Love.

—M. H. Wetherbee. (Stone-Cutter.)

GOD’S Spirit smiles in flowers,
And in soft summer showers
He sends his love.
Each dew drop speaks his praise,
And bubbling fount displays,
In all their lucid rays,
Light from above.

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Day is Dying in the West.

—Mary Artemisia Lathbury.

Evening Praise.

DAY is dying in the west;
Heaven is touching earth with rest:
Wait and worship while the night
Sets her evening lamps alight
Through all the sky

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Vesper Hymn.

—Samuel Longfellow.


NOW, on sea and land descending,

Brings the night its peace profound:

Let our vesper hymn be blending

With the holy calm around.

Soon as dies the sunset glory,

Stars of heaven shine out above,

Telling still the ancient story,—

Their Creator’s changeless love.


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