Index of Authors

Author Title
Arnold, George. September Days.
Baldwin, Astley H. The Bird And Star.
Bell, Charles D. Harvest.
Bennett, William Cox. A Spring Song.
Bowring, John. The Beauties of Creation.
Brooke, Stopford A. The Earth And Man.
Bryant, John H. A Day in Autumn.
Bryant, William Cullen. The Gladness Of Nature.
Burbidge, Thomas. Eventide.
Burleigh, William H. Matins.
Burns, James Drummond. I Would Be Still With Thee.
Burnside, H. M. The Days Roll On.
Bushnell, Frances Louisa. Midsummer.
Carlyle, Thomas. To-Day.
Cary, Alice. Morning In The Mountains.
Chapman, Arthur. Out Among the Big Things.
Chisholm, Stuart. All the Day.
Choate, Isaac Bassett. Vespers and Matins.
Coates, Florence Earle. Onward.
Cole, Elizabeth. In September.
Cornwall, Barry. The Nights.
Dodds, J. A Summer Day.
Dodge, Mary Mapes. The Grass-World.
Doudnet, Sarah. The Bee In Autumn.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo. My Garden.
Farningham, Marianne. Thanks.
Gannett, William Channing. Listening.
Gates, Mary Bishop. Brown And Blue.
Graves, Henry C. Lasell Vespers.
Grey, Sydney. The End of the Week.
Hay, John. The Prairie.
Hogg, James. Praise To Nature’s God.
Hume, Alexander. Of The Day Estivall.
A Summer’s Day.
Jackson, Helen Hunt. October’s Bright Blue Weather.
Keble, John. Morning.
Lathbury, Mary Artemisia. Day is Dying in the West.
Lathrop, Harry. Bee-Keeper’s Song.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. My Cathedral.
Sunrise On The Hills.
The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls.
Woods In Winter.
Longfellow, Samuel. Vesper Hymn.
Up To The Hills.
Mackay, Charles. The Watcher On The Tower.
Mellen, Frederic. Sabbath Evening.
Miles, C. Austin. In the Garden.
Miller, Thomas. Evening Song.
Milton, John. Song On May Morning.
Moore, Thomas. Thou Art, O God.
Nack, James. Spring Is Coming.
Nesbit, E. After Rain.
Peabody, William B. O. Hymn of Nature.
Percival, James G. May.
Pope, Alexander. Of Nature & Nature’s God.
Posey, Alexander. Nightfall.
Prentice, George Denison. Sabbath Evening.
Procter, Bryan W. The Nights.
Psalmist, The. Psalm 148.
Rains, Helen A. God Is Everywhere.
Scott, Frederick G. Eothen.
The Unnamed Lake.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Still With Thee.
Summer Studies.
Taylor, Thomas R. God Is Love.
Taylor, Tom. A Winter Piece.
Thayer, William Roscoe. Midsummer.
Trowbridge, John Townsend. Midsummer.
Watts, Isaac. A Song for Morning or Evening.
Welby, Amelia B. Musings.
Wetherbee, M. H. God’s Love.
Whitman, Sarah H. A Day of the Indian Summer.
Whittier, John Greenleaf. All’s Well.
Summer By The Lakeside.
Williams, Roger. Seasons of the Year.
The Heavenly Bodies.


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