Spring Is Coming.

—James Nack.

SPRING is coming! spring is coming!
Birds are chirping, insects humming;
Flowers are peeping from their sleeping,
Streams escaped from winter’s keeping,
In delighted freedom rushing,
Dance along in music gushing.
Scenes of late in deadness saddened,
Smile in animation gladdened;
All is beauty, all is mirth,
All is glory upon earth;
Shout we then with Nature’s voice,—
Welcome Spring! rejoice! rejoice!

Spring is coming!—Come, my brother,
Let us rove with one another,
To our well-remembered wild wood,
Flourishing in nature’s childhood;
When a thousand flowers are springing,
And a thousand birds are singing;
Where the golden sunbeams quiver,
On the verdure-girdled river;
Let our youth of feeling out,
To the youth of nature shout,
While the waves repeat our voice,—
Welcome Spring! rejoice! rejoice!


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