The Beauties of Creation.

—John Bowring.

OURS is a lovely world! How fair
Thy beauties, even on earth, appear!
The seasons in their courses fall,
And bring successive joys: the sea,
The earth, the sky, are full of thee,
Benignant, glorious Lord of All!

There’s beauty in the break of day;
There’s glory in the noon-tide ray;
There’s sweetness in the twilight shades;
Magnificence in night: thy love
Arched the grand heaven of blue above,
And all our smiling earth pervades.

And if thy glories here be found
Streaming with radiance all around,—
What must the Fount of Glory be!
In Thee we’ll hope,—in Thee confide,
Thou mercy’s never-ebbing tide!
Thou love’s unfathomable sea!


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