Out Among the Big Things.

—Arthur Chapman.


OUT among the big things—

The mountains and the plains—

An hour ain’t important,

Nor are the hour’s gains;

The feller in the city

Is hurried night and day,

But out among the big things

He learns the calmer way.


Out among the big things—

The skies that never end—

To lose a day ain’t nothin’,

The days are here to spend;

So why not give ‘em freely,

Enjoyin’ as we go?

I somehow can’t help thinkin’

The good Lord means life so.


Out among the big things—

The heights that gleam afar—

A feller gets to wonder

What means each distant star;

He may not get an answer,

But somehow, every night

He feels, among the big things,

That everything’s all right.



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