Seasons of the Year.

—Roger Williams.

Generall Observation from their Seasons of the Yeere,

The Sunne, and Moone, and Starres and Seasons of the yeere doe preach a God to all the sonnes of men, that they which know no letters, doe yet read an eternall Power and Godhead in these.

More speciall:

1. The Sun and Moone and Stars doe preach,

The Dayes and Nights sound out

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter eke,

Each Moneth and Yeere about.

2. So that the wildest sonnes of men

Without excuse shall say,

God’s righteous sentence past on us,

(In dreadfull judgement day.)

3. If so, what doome is theirs that see,

Not onely Nature’s light,

But Sun of Righteousnesse, yet chose

To live in darkest Night?

A Key Into the Language of America.


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