God Is Everywhere.

—Helen A. Rains.

ALL within, and all without us,

Never-ceasing whispers tell,

That a spirit hangs about us,

Working with an unseen spell.

In the solemn hour of vespers,

In the busy hour of care,

Steal the soul-reviving whispers—

“God is everywhere.”


Walk within the pleasant wildwood,

In the Spring’s refreshing hours,

When the merry songs of childhood

Floateth on the breath of flowers,

There’s a whisper ever stealing,

Through the young leaves on the air,

This entrancing truth revealing—

“God is everywhere.”


Go beside the restless ocean,

When the breezes gently blow,

Mark the waves in their commotion,

See the eddies come and go;

Listen to the numbers swelling

Into strains of music there;

Is there not some measure telling—

“God is everywhere?”


Walk beneath the sky at even,

When the golden day declines,

And the azure brow of heaven,

With its crown of jewels shines;

There’s an echo ever ringing,

Through the balmy Summer air,

This inspiring message bringing—

“God is everywhere.”


All within, and all without us

Never-ending whispers tell,

That Our Father dwells about us

Weaving round a holy spell.

Let us then, with harps and voices,

Swell our anthems on the air,

Earth with one accord rejoices—

“God is everywhere.”


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