The Bird And Star.

—Astley H. Baldwin.

‘No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of heaven.’ —Luke 9:62.


A GOLD star sits upon the sable edge

Of yon dark cloud, a little island bright;

What though a sea of vapour round it roll,

Still doth it turn its lantern on the night.


A brown thrush sings upon the cedar bough,

In cadence soft, his mellow vesper hymn;

The spirit of the tempest is abroad,

It threatens, but its moaning daunts not him.


Shine still, bright star, sing on, brave minstrel, sing,

Adversity hath never power to quell

The fire of him, who trusting in his God,

Doth but his best, and doth that little well.


O ye who put your hands unto the plough,

And backward look, by earthly longings driven,

Example take alike from bird and star,

Cherish the Faith, that upward looks to heaven.


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